Tall and Skinny



This species, Plantago rugelii RED-STALKED PLANTAIN, is commonly found in and outside of prairies. It is very adaptable and is related to plantains whose fruits (banana–like) are used for cooking and its seeds are often found in commercial birdseed products.

The genus name, Plantago, means foot print or sole of foot and refers to the broad leaves. The epithet, rugelii, refers to Ferdinand Rugel, 19th century American botanist in the southeastern U.S.

The image at right shows the flower stalk early in bloom. You can see the white stigma protruding from the very small green flower. Light brown  anthers will shortly appear. Due to its bloom size, this species is difficult to photograph. I don’t have a good magnified view of the flower at full bloom, but I hope to have captured a quality image before I complete the layout of my second book - Elusive Splendor: Wildflower of the Tall Grass Prairie. Time will tell.


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