A Clover?


I have just finished processing this species, Oxalis stricta COMMON WOOD SORREL. It has a small yellow flower, a little over ¼" wide. I hope to use this species photos in my second book on prairie wildflowers, Elusive Splendor. This species is often call a 'false shamrock.'

Since I started this fine art prairie photography project in the summer of 2005, I have captured about 40,000 images to document 140 native wildflower species of the tall grass prairie.

From February 6 through 8, my wife and I were visiting relatives in Los Angeles. Oxalis stricta COMMON WOOD SORREL was in full bloom there in mid-winter. Not only did the species bloom in the desert winter, it was about twice the size in height and bloom size of the specimens blooming in the prairie.

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