Folio Prints from Book 3

All of the featured images in the four book Prairie Splendor Series are available to purchase as 7” X 7” Folio Prints.  Shown below are 70 featured images, comprised of 1 to 3  featured images from each of the 33 species included in tis third book,  Graceful Splendor: Grasses of the Tallgrass Prairie. All images have registered copyrights. 

You can purchase single Folio Print images for $9.99. 

If you purchase five (5) Folio Prints, in addition to the Folio prints themselves you also receive a Portfolio carrying case with three additional, select images, a $24.98 value at no additional cost, with my compliments.  

Why sell Folio Prints when a book is already available? Because many people enjoy handling and viewing individual images. They are not encumbered by the size and weight of a book. In addition, one or more images can be left out of the Portfolio packet, on a coffee table or mantle, for further continued enjoyment.

Scroll down to see all the images; click on an image to enlarge [Add To Cart button to the left of each enlarged image].

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