Book 4 - Printed or Digital


In the pictures that follow, you see images from both the printed and the digital version of Eccentric  Splendor: Images of the Tallgrass Prairie.

The Collector's Edition features a fine art custom-crafted printed book with a leather-covered hardback, art end papers, and Smyth-sewn signatures. The images are laser printed on thicker, but supple, archival paper with incredible color fidelity and accurate color saturation. The 10” X 10" books are the highest quality printed photography books on the world market today. If you are interested in beautiful fine art flower images and ‘heirloom’ quality, traditional book binding, this is the  book for you. 

Due to the extreme contraction of the printing industry in the internet age, only a handful of high end book publishers exist in the world who print singe books like these on demand. These are extremely high quality custom-printed and hand assembled volumes that run in the $800-$1,200 range. From the time of your order until this order is in your hands is typically about 2 months. Please email me (link to left) if you are interested in any of these Collector’s Editions.

The Digital Edition features a compact disk (CD) with two .pdf files: one file is the book laid out in a page-by -page view; the second file is the book laid out in a spread-by-spread view. The two layout versions allow anyone with a color monitor or a color eReader  to easily view the 10” X 10" book pages. If you have a desktop computer system with a cinema type display monitor, you can easily display the 20” X 10" book spreads at actual size.   (Direct downloading this purchase is not an available feature.)

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