The Prairie Splendor Series

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The tallgrass prairie is where I spend most of my time working today. My major project is photographing prairie plant life.  It is difficult to capture all of the many growth phases of a tall grass prairie in a single volume. Therefore, I have divided this current fine art prairie photography project  into four volumes, covering most of the native plant life found on a tall grass prairie, which can be purchased separately, or as a boxed set. 

The prairie where I captured all of these images is The James Woodworth Prairie Preserve , pictured at right. This aerial image was captured by Joe Occhiuzzo. (© Joe Occhiuzzo Photography). This prairie is an incredibly high-quality original mesic tallgrass prairie. In 1968, it became the first public prairie preserve established in Illinois. 

This prairie was named after James Hutchinson Woodworth to preserve a small remnant of pristine prairie as a historical reminder of how the region appeared in the 1840s when Woodworth  among many other political achievements, was mayor of Chicago. For a brief overview of The Jamess Woodworth Prairie Preserve, click on the  link below at right.

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