Stock Greeting Card sets for PURCHASE

These stock greeting cards show featured images from the 4 book Prairie Splendor Series that are printed in the books at 10” X 10” in size. These square images are printed at 5 1/2” X 8” for the HORIZONTAL orientation and 8” X 5 1/2” for the VERTICAL orientation. MIXED orientation  sets focus on more limited topics such as SNOW, PINK, WHITE, YELLOW, or BLUE images. MIXED orientation sets also focus on single species, for example Cypripedium candidum WHITE LADY’S SLIPPER (CYPCAN).  Most of the HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL sets focus on a sample of one image from each book of the Prairie Splendor Series plus one field image from one of the books.  All images are cropped to fit best on the smaller greeting card format. 

Click on the orientation(s) below that  you wish to bowse. When you see a set you’d like to possibly purchase, click on that set and a larger image will appear for further review, with an Add to Cart button for purchase next to that set

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