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COLLECTOR’S EDITIONS of the four  printed books of the  Splendor Series are available for purchase. Due to the extreme contraction of the printing industry in the internet age, only a handful of high end book publishers exist in the world who print singe books on demand. These are extremely high quality custom-printed and hand assembled volumes that run in the $800-$1,200 range per book, depending on the number of pages in the book you desire. From the time of your order until the order is in your hands is typically about 2 months. Please email me if you are interested in any of these Collector’s Editions.

DIGITAL EDITIONS (compact disks) of each of the four books of the Splendor Series are available for purchase. Click to the right to purchase a DIGITAL EDITION of any  book.

FOLIO PRINTS are available for purchase by clicking below to go to the PRINTS image purchase page for the book you desire to peruse.  

You may order 1 to 4 images OR you may order a Portfolio of five (5) prints of your choice, or more,  and receive three (3) additional, select images at no extra charge. 

-> Click here to purchase Abundant Splendor prints

-> Click here to purchase Elusive Splendor prints

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-> Click here to purchase Eccentric Splendor prints

POSTERS are available for at left  Abundant Splendor: Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie or for Elusive Splendor: Wildflowers of the Tallgrass Prairie. Posters of book 3 & 4 are not available at this time.

GREETING CARDS packets of 5 cards and matching envelopes are available to buy: Click here to purchase Prairie Splendor Series Greeting Cards.

Email me, at left, to purchase a set of Greeting Cards with images of your choice.

-> contact Frank at black-sweater-art.com