Historically a folio is a collection of pages. They could be text pages or images such as maps, drawings, and so on. When put into a carrying case of some kind, this folio collection becomes a portfolio. When bound, the pages are kept more permanently in order, and this, of course, is called a book. 

Photography folios are often the best 5, 10, or 20 images from a larger body of images captured by a photographer studying a chosen subject. In my discussions with many others concerning the best of these wildflower images, I find there is no consensus on what would be the best 5, 10, or 20. So if you wish to purchase Folio Prints, for a Portfolio, from any of the featured images of the  four books of the Prairie Splendor Series, you can select the five (5), or more, images that you think are the best. 

Why sell Folio Prints when a book is already available? Because many people enjoy handling and viewing individual images. They are not encumbered by the size and weight of a book. In addition, one or more images can be left out of the Portfolio packet, on a coffee table or mantle, for further continued enjoyment.

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